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Oops, too short

My training session was literally cut short today, since I didn’t have a spare firing pin in my bag. That’ll change shortly. And perhaps I’ll start using snap-caps for my dry-fire.

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New shoes

After almost slipping and fallen on a stage with wet grass and mud, I’ve decided to upgrade my shoes. I’ve been running enough, that I can probably use cleats or trail running shoes without wrecking everything. Tested La Sportiva Crosslite

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Berlin Handgun Masters 2012

Weird experience at the range on wednesday. It looked like my front sight was crooked as I fired the gun, but after the slide returned from recoil it looked normal. It turned out I had yet another fractured Dawson Precision

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Dall IPSC Challenge 2012

Dall IPSC Challenge 2012: DONE! (well, mostly – there’s still 17 stages to tear down over the next couple of weeks) This was my first level III IPSC match as Match Director, and I’ve certainly learned a lot. I *thought*

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Training Trivia

Today’s training trivia: – Trying to hit a par time that’s 0,4 sec below your last recorded par is pretty hard (I read the par as 1,4 sec, instead of 1,8). I was really wondering how I’d managed to hit

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