Gothenburg Open Nordic IPSC Championship

Back home from the Nordic Championships in IPSC Standard Division. I had a lot of fun with the squad-mates and came back with a couple of things that needs more work (mainly shooting the steel better) 🙂

The Squad

My performance:

A hits: 79,38% 181
C hits: 19,29% 44
D hits: 0,43% 1
Miss: 0,87% 2
Stages above 70% 5 of 13
Overall finish: 69,32%

Congratulations to my all good friends on the Danish National Team, who took the silver by the slimmest of margins!

NM 2012 Teams

Photo: Jack Rømer

And extra-special congratulations to the delightful Norah Josephsen who took the bronze medal in Nordic Championships, Standard Division, Ladies Category, – at her very first IPSC lv. III match, pretty much exactly 3 months after getting her IPSC license. Welcome aboard missy – hang on and enjoy the ride, it’s only going to get better 🙂

NM 2012 Ladies

Photo: Jack Rømer

gothenburg open 2012 overall

gothenburg open 2012 stage results
Stages GBG Open 2012

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