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Höppner und Schumann Cup 2011

H&S cup reflections: Good: the gun ran flawlessly (as usual), I did well on the first stages. Bad: shot sloppily on stages with time pressure, earning 5 M as well as an avoidable PT. Finished at 69% – without those

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World Shoot XVI selection

It seems all regions have used their full allocation of slots for the upcoming World Shoot, i.e. no extra slots for distribution. Denmark has 22 candidates for 13 slots. And the World Shoot selection was as I expected. No snide remarks

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Rooster Mountain 2010

Done with Rooster Mountain, great stages, great time hanging out. My shooting didn’t feel all that great (look at stage 7). But overall, I shot a B-class score. Apparently others found the match challenging as well. The results are here. Here’s my

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Thoughts about match performance, H&S and Infinity Euro Open

I just participated in two level III IPSC handgun matches in the space of 3 weeks. My performance at the two matches was worlds apart, and this is an attempt to capture some of the things I did differently.

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Trigger tuning

Afmonter skæfte

Min. aftræksvægt er nu 1000g for grovvåben – og hvad så?

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