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What happened to Team Uckfup?

I/we don’t update this blog too often, but a bit of housekeeping is needed: What happened to Team UckFup, did you guys split up? No, we’re still friends. Henrik isn’t shooting much at the moment. Mads was offered the chance

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World Shoot XVII

Mads will be participating in World Shoot XVII.

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Rooster Mountain 2014

Claus and Mads will be attending Rooster Mountain 2014.

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Sig Sauer Masters 2014

Mads will be attending Sig Sauer Masters 2014.

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Infinity Open 2013

The Infinity Open was technically challenging as always, but good fun 🙂 I managed to trip and sprain my foot on the second-to-last stage on saturday, so sunday was interesting. I couldn’t put any weight on it, and couldn’t run at all.

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