What happened to Team Uckfup?

I/we don’t update this blog too often, but a bit of housekeeping is needed:

What happened to Team UckFup, did you guys split up?

No, we’re still friends. Henrik isn’t shooting much at the moment. Mads was offered the chance to join Team Zero Mike Armory as a sponsored shooter, and thus is wearing new colors. You can follow what Mads is doing over on mpb.dk. uckfup.dk will continue to exist.

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Does your classification represent your skill and/or match performance?

Many of the major Action/Dynamic shooting sports, including IPSC and USPSA have what’s known as a classification system. This system ranks competitors, mostly in a way that’s related to their performance on standardized Courses of Fire.

Some competitors expect their classification to correspond well with how they place at major matches, and are disappointed when that isn’t the case.

In this post, I’ll be looking at the IPSC Classification System (ICS), since I’ve yet to shoot a USPSA match, and isn’t USPSA classified. However, many of the issues discussed here is applicable to any classification system using standardized stages.

Submitting results to ICS and getting classified has been free for a while, and may bring more shooters and results to ICS.

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What you need to succeed in IPSC

Here’s a short overview of what you need to succeed in IPSC. It’s remarkably simple.

© Norah Josephsen

Mads shooting at European Handgun Championship 2013, photo © Norah Josephsen

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Shooting hardcover targets

When shooting hardcover targets, I’ve tended to aim at the middle of the available target. This can result in quite a few C hits. The following images illustrate a progression in changing my point of aim to get more points, with my new load which is a bit more accurate than the one I was using previously. The change in point of aim needs to be well tested, so you know you can keep your hits in the scoring zone.

Wednesday: My correct point of aim, when shooting oblique hardcover targets, at medium distance (around 11m), is a little bit closer to the hardcover:


Saturday I did the same drill. Much improved:


A week later, I did the drill again:


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Looks like an afternoon (or two) of fun

Today I’m done with phase 1 of my training programme, and will be proceeding to phase 2, which will be working on the more advanced and movement-based skills. 20140402-142548.jpg

It’s also time to really put these Frontier bullets through the wringer, now that I’ve purchased 22K of them.

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