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Shooting hardcover targets

When shooting hardcover targets, I’ve tended to aim at the middle of the available target. This can result in quite a few C hits. The following images illustrate a progression in changing my point of aim to get more points,

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Looks like an afternoon (or two) of fun

Today I’m done with phase 1 of my training programme, and will be proceeding to phase 2, which will be working on the more advanced and movement-based skills. It’s also time to really put these Frontier bullets through the wringer,

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Warming up felt good today

My standard warmup at 10 meters went well today.

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Time to pick up the training again

Training log, ammo, and my trusty gun – time to get serious again.  

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Oops, too short

My training session was literally cut short today, since I didn’t have a spare firing pin in my bag. That’ll change shortly. And perhaps I’ll start using snap-caps for my dry-fire.

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