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Infinity Open 2013

The Infinity Open was technically challenging as always, but good fun 🙂 I managed to trip and sprain my foot on the second-to-last stage on saturday, so sunday was interesting. I couldn’t put any weight on it, and couldn’t run at all.

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Berlin Handgun Masters 2012

Weird experience at the range on wednesday. It looked like my front sight was crooked as I fired the gun, but after the slide returned from recoil it looked normal. It turned out I had yet another fractured Dawson Precision

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Dall IPSC Challenge 2012

Dall IPSC Challenge 2012: DONE! (well, mostly – there’s still 17 stages to tear down over the next couple of weeks) This was my first level III IPSC match as Match Director, and I’ve certainly learned a lot. I *thought*

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Rooster Mountain 2012

I shot some good stages, but still need to work on the mental aspects, to avoid stupid mistakes. My month off from training probably had something to say as well. Still, it was just another lv. III, and now there’s

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Gothenburg Open Nordic IPSC Championship

Back home from the Nordic Championships in IPSC Standard Division. I had a lot of fun with the squad-mates and came back with a couple of things that needs more work (mainly shooting the steel better) 🙂 My performance: A

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