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Hi, Since you're visiting the UckFup web page and reading this, it's probably very likely you are interrested in IPSC – and either curious about this fantastic sport (Königsdisziplin im Schießsport) or already deeply involved with it and actively taking part in it – and chances are good you know (or know of) the Glock handguns. And chances are almost equally high that you've got an opinion about Glock as well. Choice of GunThe Glock guns just seem to cry "controversy". Few handguns provoke as many opinions as the Glock. Since I shoot a Glock I thought I'd offer mine as well. Don't worry, I'll spare you the usual bullshit hype and skip the sales pitch. I chose Glock for a few very simple reasons: Its cheap as dirt, mean looking, highly practical – and I just plain and simple wanted one… and since I use it for practical shooting, it works out pretty well for me! Read about my choice of gun for IPSC here. IPSC Gear Page not ready yet – I'm currently writing on my 'modification' page – new sections added (almost) daily right now… Modifying My Glock It quickly dawned upon me that I was on a mission. I call it "How to Fully Appreciate my Glock" and it really is about how I spank my Glock into submission! I like the Glock 34 very much despite its obvious shortcomings – and to be honest, there are quite a few. But where some see a shortcoming or flaw as a problem, I try to see it as challenge and an opportunity. An opportunity to try to introduce constructive changes, additions and modifications to improve the gun! I've never refrained from modifying stuff to better suit my liking, and here you can read a bit about how I've modified my Glock to better appreciate it :-) Shooting IPSC Page not ready yet – I'm currently writing on my 'modification' page… Ammo and Reloading Page not ready yet – I'm currently writing on my 'modification' page…

Modifying My Glock

Optimizing a Glock 34  The following is an illustrated description of how I modified my Glock 34 for practical/dynamic shooting. The description is presented "as is" and for informational purposes only. Somewhat less than perfect… As far as I am

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Choice of Gun

Purpose I've bought the gun for one primary purpose, IPSC. I also shoot some 'terrænpistol' and to a lesser degree 'tjenestepistol', so ideally the gun should be suited for all this. It isn't. I had some serious reservations concerning the

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