Berlin Handgun Masters 2012

Weird experience at the range on wednesday. It looked like my front sight was crooked as I fired the gun, but after the slide returned from recoil it looked normal. It turned out I had yet another fractured Dawson Precision front sight (2nd one this year). Luckily, Anders Hatting Larsen has time to replace it thursday, and I’ve got a spare for the sight in my parts bin. Crisis averted.

Placed as no. 5 at the Berlin Handgun Masters with 79,91% – the rest of the UckFups at no. 3 & 6. I was 2 cm from a penalty-free match, but heard a ‘ding from a plate, and didn’t check that it actually fell. But apart from that a good match hit-wise. Still need more speed, though 🙂

Stages above 70% 8 of 12
Overall finish: 79,91%

Since the match was shot in only a half day, we spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday sightseeing in Berlin, which was very enjoyable. We’ve been going to Berlin quite often since 2005, but had never taken the time to see the city.

Berlin Handgun Masters Overall

Berlin Handgun Masters Stage results

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