Rooster Mountain 2012

I shot some good stages, but still need to work on the mental aspects, to avoid stupid mistakes. My month off from training probably had something to say as well. Still, it was just another lv. III, and now there’s a month of practice and mental training before the nationals.

Positive highlights from Rooster Mountain 2012: I shot almost a third of the stages close to or above 80%. I shot stage 11 (the one with all the running in the grass) very well, 83%, despite feeling like I wasn’t able to really give it full throttle – only having one C helped a bit. I shot stage 17 (the one with all the poppers) quite well – shooting the poppers on the move was the right decision. I seem to have fixed my long-range steel problem.

A hits: 75,80% 235
C hits: 19,35% 60
D hits: 2,58% 8
Miss: 1,61% 5
No-shoot: 0,64% 2
Proc: 2
Stages above 70% 7 of 17
Overall finish: 68,16%

Rooster Mountain 2012 overall
Rooster Mountain 2012 stage results

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